The 4 Factors of Alimony in Dubai

Alimony in Dubai & Other Emirates (UAE)

Divorce has a major impact on the lives of couples/families. Research at Tufts University has proven that the legal handling of a divorce and following legal matters like child care & alimony have a deep-rooted impact on the health of the couples/families involved.

Factors Considered When Deciding the Alimony Amount in Dubai & Other Emirates (UAE)

  1. The spouse’s need for financial support and the other spouse’s ability to pay alimony

Our alimony lawyers in Dubai & other Emirates (UAE) will guide you through this foundational aspect of alimony establishment and will represent you to earn the most beneficial & lucrative conclusion for you.

  1. Each spouse’s income and financial condition at the time of divorce

While this matter seems quite straight forward, which aspects of income should be looked at and which aspects can be ignored, overstated, and understated is the core part of this process.

Our team of alimony lawyers in Dubai & other Emirates (UAE) has the in-depth understanding of family laws in UAE & the years of experience with UAE alimony procedures necessary to ensure this process concludes in your best interest.

  1. The standard of living during the marriage

Due to the subjective nature of this matter, this portion of the alimony process is critical in deciding the amount you must pay or receive. And this portion of the alimony process is also the primary target for an experienced alimony lawyer.

AAB’s alimony lawyers will ensure that this process concludes favoring you and your finances; we will ensure a premier level of success.

  1. The age and physical and emotional health of each person

There is little room for subjectivity in this matter. Numbers, medical reports, and statistics drive this process. Our team of alimony lawyers in Dubai & other Emirates (UAE) has the knowledge necessary to spin this matter in your favor irrespective of how the odds may seem.

Important Things to Note About Alimony Law in Dubai & Other Emirates (UAE)

While alimony appears to be a simple concept, it incorporates a complex set of laws & legal jargon. Also, Dubai & other Emirates (UAE) incorporate aspects of Sharia law to the local alimony decision and this adds an extra layer of complexity. This can be a headache, particularly for expats.

We give the utmost care to divorce, alimony, and child care cases. Our team has been trained in emotional intelligence and this allows them to have the skills, experience, and grasp of empathy & sensitivity needed to connect with our clients who need assistance with alimony.

It is crucial to utilize the aid of an alimony lawyer who can represent you as you try to negotiate the alimony amount or attempt to change a prearranged amount. This is a legal issue that will possibly have the heaviest financial impact in your life and that’s why it is so important to seek aid from our professional alimony lawyers.

Additionally, our litigation lawyers in Dubai work with our alimony lawyers in Dubai to help you win a lawsuit in cause your ex-spouse refuses to pay the negotiated amount.

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