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AAA lawyers group offer complete legal solution under one roof. Be  it Criminal cases, real estate cases, divorce and family matters or cheque bounce cases, our lawyers are at your service 24/7. Below are brief summary of our services.

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criminal cases

AAB’s lawyers, legal consultants, advocates, & attorneys have a deep-rooted understanding of the criminal laws in UAE.

Intellectual Property

Protect your idea by filing an intellectual property claim. For more details contact our business lawyers.

Child Custody​

Improve the chances of your success with the help of best divorce lawyers in Dubai, Sharjah and other parts of UAE.

Domestic Violence​

UAE laws are very strict when it comes to domestic voilence. If you are facing domestic violence, call us today. No more suffering.

Divorce & Separation​

Parting ways? It can be emotional for you. Book a free consultation with one of our experienced divorce lawyer in Dubai today.

Cheque Bounce

Cheque bounce cases may be normal in your country but not here in UAE. Call our cheque bounce lawyer in Dubai to discuss your future action plan.

Franchise Advisor

Take your business to new heights with Franchise model. For more details book a free consultation with our business lawyer and clear all your queries.

Cyber Crime

Victim of cyber crime? We have helped several individuals and companies, who are victim of cyber crime. Call us today to discuss your case.

Car Accident

Insurance company is declining your insurance request? Let our car accident lawyer in Dubai help you win it for you.

Drunk Driving

Drunk driving (DUI) is an extremely serious legal matter in Dubai and consequences can be extremely severe.

Property Settlements​

Injured at workplace? Let the employer bear all the costs and compensate.

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