5 Things to Know About Lawyers for Drug Crimes in Dubai

Drug Lawyers in Dubai

Drug-related charges (drug trafficking, drug possession, drug trade/sale) are serious across the globe but there’s an added level of intensity to drug crimes in UAE. Such charges, if proven true, can lead to long-term imprisonment, heavy fines, and other social convictions.

In Dubai & other Emirates (UAE), Drug-related charges can ruin your life. Jail period can be as long as 20 years for those convicted for the first time. UAE law considers drug related crimes, and even ownership of drugs, as a particularly heinous breach of law.

After you’ve been through the penalties, it will remain nearly impossible to continue a life in UAE as almost no educational institution will accept your application and employers will immediately turn you away.

If You Face False Charges

If you in live in Dubai or other Emirates (UAE), a drug charge can potentially put your life at stake. AAB‘s team of drug lawyers has global roots and can easily connect with your needs, and they have a deep-rooted understanding of UAE laws and years of experience with drug cases. We are ready to defend your life from such a dangerous charge.

Our drug lawyers in Dubai & other Emirates (UAE) will investigate the case thoroughly. If you have not been involved in any sort of drug crime, our exceptionally talented team will swiftly establish that in court & may even pursue monetary compensation on your behalf for the difficult time you faced.

In case there is false evidence against you, our skilled investigative team will work our drug lawyers in Dubai & other Emirates (UAE) to research and stack substantial evidence that will make the case stronger in your favor. It will be the duty of our drug lawyer in Dubai & other Emirates (UAE) to free you from false charges of drug-related crimes.

If Charges Against You are True

Drug-related crimes can be difficult to defend against; your odds of success are essentially zero if you do not seek aid from professional drug lawyers in Dubai & other Emirates (UAE). If you are involved in drug crimes and have been caught, no drug lawyer can guarantee removal of all penalties. UAE courts have always placed at least some penalties on individuals involved with drug crimes.

However, our drug lawyers in Dubai & other Emirates (UAE) will work with our teams of arbitration lawyerscriminal law lawyers, & litigation lawyers to reduce and mitigate the penalties you face. We will also advise you on the procedures and hearings to ensure you do not fall in deeper trouble with the law.

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